Female-Focused Coaching

Coaching can be a supportive resource for women of any age and ability in their run journey. Some of the benefits of working with a coach include: 

  • Receiving guidance on how to get started if you’re new to running 
  • Developing reasonable goals and creating a training plan to meet them that supports your health and longevity 
  • Helping you improve if you’ve reached a plateau 
  • Having a second set of eyes—a coach may notice a missing element from your training or identify injuries before they become serious 
  • Adding a social element to your training—having a coach share in your journey can add joy and purpose to your experience 
  • Support in accessing your motivation and personal accountability 

If working with a coach feels like the next right step for you, we’ve compiled a list of coaches whom we trust, each with their own area of focus. In alignment with our equality-driven mission, they are all female coaches. We believe that female coaches bring a much-needed approach to female training—from both a physical and psychological perspective. 

Allison Felsenthal

Run With Alli

Allison Felsenthal is a lifelong runner, V.DOT Performance Coach, competitive Marathoner, and UESCA Certified Running Coach. Alli specializes in technique and form to help anyone - from beginner runners to those looking to qualify for the Boston Marathon - reach their performance goals. Runwithalli is based out of San Diego, California, and provides both in-person and online training, as well as group and individual training.

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Jess O'Connell & Faye Stenning 

Grit Coaching

OCR star Faye Stenning and Olympic runner & Exercise Physiologist Jessica O'Connell created Grit Running to provide high-quality, science-informed, custom coaching for athletes, no matter the location. They provide virtual coaching, creating running and strength training plans for those with goals for road and trail running, as well as OCR and hybrid events.

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Richelle Weeks

Running With Richelle

Richelle Weeks is a Canadian physiotherapist, marathoner, podcaster, and certified running coach. Her coaching programs focus on strength training and injury prevention. Richelle is based out of Ottawa, Canada, and offers in-person or virtual coaching.

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